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The brand

« I've always found it interesting to know who is behind a brand. »

My name is Sofia and I am 36 years old.
During my childhood, I was always a very creative girl and my favorite activities were always related to artistic activities.
I learned to embroider at the age of 10 and since then I have fallen in love with everything related to crafts. I started doing embroidery, jewelry, painting pictures, among thousands of other things that stimulated my imagination.
I already knew at that time that my future would be linked to this area, so when I grew up I decided to embrace the graphic arts field.
For 10 years I was a graphic designer in several cosmetic companies in Paris. However, I always felt that something was missing. I felt the need to create something of mine, that made me feel the joy of when I was a little girl and spent hours on end creating my art. In short, I needed to get my hands dirty.

The change came in 2019, when I finally decided to change my life.
I left the city of Luz and moved to my dear Lisbon.
It was after a lot of effort and dedication that it was finally born,

in October 2020, Liviana Lisbon, my jewelry.

As Fernando Pessoa would say:
"God wants, man dreams, the work is born."
With effort, passion and dedication, everything is possible and our dreams can come true.

                                  Sofia from Liviana Lisbon

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