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Phone charm LONG GRIGRI : mobile phone charm.

Amulet to customize!

Save your favorite words on your phone...a name, a date, a mantra! 

You no longer need to look for your cell phone in your bag thanks to this beautiful ribbon full of good vibes.


To hang it you need a phone case: your phone charm will attach to any hole in the case.


*You can choose between 1 and 5 words maximum.


Composition:  rubber discs, golden hematites, letters, smiley and heart

Measurement: the part without the cord measures 23-25cm in length.

in total measures 28-30cm


WARNING! do not get wet because it may change the colors. Do not hold the phone with the phone charm because it may break. Personalized jewelry cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Phone charm LONG GRIGRI

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