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1 - Field of application

1.1. These sales conditions apply:

  1. a) to all offers contained in this website - also called "site" - issued by LIVIANA LISBON.

  2. b) all agreements and relationships concluded between LIVIANA LISBON and any customer who places orders through this website.

1.2. LIVIANA LISBON only accepts product orders through this website, subject to these sales conditions:

Orders for articles with reduced stock or that belong to promotions are valid for 2 working days to be accepted by LIVIANA LISBON (see conditions for acceptance of orders), otherwise the order may be canceled by LIVIANA LISBON without prior notice. 

Orders for personalized items that are shipped according to the shipping terms and conditions, and according to the conditions of the order registered on the website by the customer, cannot be returned or exchanged. 

Orders that are not accepted by LIVIANA LISBON (see conditions for acceptance of orders) within 2 working days may be canceled without prior notice. If this is the case, the customer may re-order another order with the same general acceptance conditions. 

Registered or unregistered customers on this website and who have 2 canceled orders may, if accepted by LIVIANA LISBON, place more orders on this website.

1.3. The general conditions of sale are the only ones to be applied and they replace all other conditions, except with prior express agreement in writing. LIVIANA LISBON may from time to time modify certain provisions of its general conditions, and it is also necessary that this be reread on each visit to the website We consider that when the order is validated, the customer is automatically accepting our general conditions of sale.

2 - Registration and Ordering Process

2.1. registration

To register, the data required to complete the registration are:

  • Name

  • Surname

  • Email

2.2. Order

To make your purchases through this website, you do not need to register in advance.

2.2.1. Choice of Products

The products featured on this website are grouped into various Categories. These categories are identified in the top menu of the website. When choosing one of these categories, you will have access to the category belonging to the selected area, as well as the list of products. When selecting a category, you will have access to the list of products.

You can obtain more detailed information about the products displayed by clicking on the product name to access detailed images of them, their names and references, characteristics, other models, etc.. 

The products displayed on the website that you wish to order must be placed in the shopping cart using the “Add to Cart” option or the “Buy Now!” option if you want to skip the cart page.


2.2.2. Shopping cart

Once you have placed all the products you want to order in the shopping cart, you will be able to proceed and complete your order. For this purpose, you should observe the following steps:   

  Step 1 – Update the quantities of products added to the cart and if you wish, you can put some extra information in the option "Add a comment to your order" or your Tax Identification Number in the field "TIN".(REMEMBER THAT THE TIN IS REQUIRED FOR LAW, FOR INVOICES WITH A VALUE OVER €100)

  Step 2 – Contact Information and Shipping Address;

  Step 3 – Shipping Method;

  Step 4 – Payment Method;

  Step 6 – Confirm the order  ;

  After confirming your order, you will receive an order receipt response email. 

2.2.3. Order acceptance

Confirmation of the availability of the ordered products and acceptance of your order will be made by sending a new email to our store address

LIVIANA LISBON may withdraw, at any time, any offer or change the indicated price until the agreement with the customer exists.

LIVIANA LISBON cannot be held liable for any typographical errors.

3 - Deliveries and Shipping Costs

3.1. See conditions at: Shipping and Returns

3.2. LIVIANA LISBON respects the deadlines for an order as long as there is stock availability.

In the event that one of the ordered products is not available in stock, LIVIANA LISBON will contact the customer by email or telephone within 15 days from the date of order, LIVIANA LISBON will make its best efforts with aim to deliver the products and/or services on time, but cannot be held liable in case of delay for any reason.

4 - Other Deliveries-Related Procedures

To be defined by the customer and by LIVIANA LISBON prior agreement regarding the availability of stock and the company's logistics.

5 - Means of Payment

The available payment methods are:

  1. Prior bank transfer (to pay you must first confirm by email or private message on one of the social networks)

  2. Paypal

  3. Mbway (with MBway you must first confirm by email or private message on one of the social networks)


    6 - Purchase Resolution

    6.1. The customer has a maximum period of 14 days to freely resolve the purchase agreement entered into with LIVIANA LISBON.

    6.2. See conditions of  shipping  and  returns

    7 - Treatment and Security of Personal Data 

    7.1. In compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, the COMPANY customer  and the website user may, at any time, exercise the rights to access, rectify, cancel and communicate their data in the following ways: in the area of the website designated as “My Account”, via EMAIL or via PHONE. If you wish to cancel your e-mail, you must cancel it using the e-mail address found in our database, otherwise we will be unable to remove it. 

    7.2. The customer authorizes the COMPANY to automatically process the customer's personal data, including all those disclosed at the time of registration on the website, for the purposes necessary for contracting with the customer, management and execution of purchases and respective registrations, access control, including the use of "cookies" technology, which can be accessed by the COMPANY's service providers and suppliers, namely accounting and auditing companies.

    8 - Other Rights and Responsibilities

    8.1. Pricing and Limitation on Existing Stock

    Prices are shown in euros and include fees and taxes (VAT). The prices indicated are exclusive for purchases through this website.

    The availability of the products presented on the website is limited to the existing stock at any given time. Prices and descriptions are subject to change without notice.

    8.2. Ownership of Content and Distinctive Signs

    All data and content on the website, including distinctive trade signs, are the exclusive property of LIVIANA LISBON and as such are protected by law.

    8.3. Content Errors

    LIVIANA LISBON does not assume any responsibility for any errors in the content of the website and the information provided. LIVIANA LISBON makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and conformity of the website, reserving the right to freely change the contents of the website, at any time and without prior notice.

    8.4. Newsletter

    Newsletters sent by e-mail are intended to disseminate promotions and general information about LIVIANA LISBON. The customer will receive the Newsletter from the moment they register for the Newsletter or on the website, and as long as there is no indication to the contrary on the registration form.

    9 - Legislation and Jurisdiction

    Any agreements and documents to which these conditions of sale apply are governed by Portuguese law. Disputes arising from any agreements or documents to which these sales conditions apply will be submitted to the competent courts of Portugal.

    -On March 23, 2016, Law No. 144/2015 entered into force, requiring companies that supply goods or service providers to inform purchasers of goods or service consumers about the possibility of resolving any disputes through RAL calls (Alternative Dispute Resolution)


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